Election Statement

Proposer: Astutium Ltd
Seconder: BB Online UK Ltd

I am asking for your support again, by voting for me a second time and to give me the opportunity to continue the important work of contributing to .uk policy over the next two years. Over the last 18 months I have observed the .UK Registry Advisory Council (UKRAC) evolve into a positive voice for the Nominet membership. Today the UKRAC acts as a strong conduit between members, the board and senior executives.

Highlights from my first term:

  • Introduced a paper on proxy service incident planning
  • Chaired the Drop List Implementation Working Group
  • Chaired the virtual roundtable with members on drop lists
  • Introduced a paper on .me.uk and .net.uk restrictions
  • Helped introduce the UKRAC code of conduct
  • Introduced a proposed response to .UK standardization
  • Advocated for an elected UKRAC chair (terms changed)
  • Pushed for another data driven review of drop catching
  • Helped introduce a UKRAC work plan & working groups
  • Pushed for an independent arbiter for the Community

More about me:

I am managing director of Netistrar Ltd, an ICANN accredited wholesale registrar located in the United Kingdom. Netistrar is an Accredited Channel Partner (ACP) of Nominet. We are also a member of the Registrar Stakeholder Group (RrSG). Prior to Netistrar I was an active Nominet member in an individual capacity since 2005. I was elected to the former Policy Advisory Body (PAB) 2007-09 and first elected to the UKRAC in 2021.

You are welcome to contact me at: www.andrewbennett.uk