What is the UKRAC?

In January the Nominet board resolved to create a new Registry Advisory Council (RAC):

Corporate Governance – the Board discussed the appropriateness of the company’s existing corporate governance structure and whether or not any improvements could be made. A key outcome from discussions was a decision to approve the formation of a new Registry Advisory Council. This Council will provide an industry perspective on .UK policy development as well as advising the executive on considerations to inform the framework for the Board’s annual .UK registration fee review. We plan to seek members’ input on the formation of the panel during February.

Nominet board Report January 2021

Initially a draft terms of reference were produced by Nominet:

Firstly, we are proposing to set up a new Registry Advisory Council – a body composed of elected members – designed to ensure we have a regular and frequent dialogue on the issues around .UK, including .UK policy matters, involvement in the annual pricing review, challenges facing the .UK registry and those facing registrars. The Registry Advisory Council will also be briefed on Group strategy, and the focus of our public benefit grants. As the business continues to grow, we want to ensure that our focus is on ensuring .UK is relevant, trusted, and that we are working with our registrar community as effectively as possible. We have draft terms of reference, and will be seeking feedback on the proposal from next week to ensure the proposed representation and scope creates a productive outcome for all. We hope to have the Council up and running by the Spring.

‘Update from Board and proposed Registry Advisory Council’ – 29 January 2021

However following a public consultation a RAC design group was created in March:

The RAC Design Group has been drawn from respondents to the initial consultation on the terms of reference. The group has been set up to ensure the council is fully operational by June 2021. The group – all Nominet members – will be responsible for finalising the terms of reference and scope of the RAC, agreeing how to segment the Nominet membership to ensure appropriate representation from each constituency, and defining the election process and timetable. The group will also help shape the RAC’s initial agenda, which is likely to include a review of expired domains policy and approach to future pricing recommendations. This agenda would then be handed over for consideration to the newly-elected Registry Advisory Council members.

Registry Advisory Council – working group announced – 9th March 2021

The Design Group met six times over March – May 2021:

Meeting 1 – 15th March 2021
Meeting 2 – 29th March 2021
Meeting 3 – 12th April 2021
Meeting 4 – 26th April 2021
Meeting 5 – 10th May 2021
Meeting 6 – 17th May 2021

The updated terms of reference were presented to the Nominet Board on 24th May 2021:

UK Registry Advisory Council (UKRAC) – Elected Non-Executive Director James Bladel reported on the themes and key questions discussed by the Design Group in recent weeks. The Board approved the recommended Terms of Reference presented by the UKRAC Design Group. The elections shall be conducted on the basis of one member one vote via the single transferable vote process. The Board accepted the Design Group’s recommendation that the RAC members would not be remunerated for attendance at meetings, but all reasonable travel expenses will be paid. The call for nominations will launch the week commencing the 31st May 2021.

Nominet board report May 2021

The first meeting of the UK will take place later this year:

The newly elected council will consider these terms at the first meeting and make decisions on how the UKRAC will operate in practice, including the frequency of meetings and whether an external secretariat should be used. The Design Group will also attend the first meeting to hand over the work they have completed and answer any questions, a proposed draft agenda is available.

.UK Registry Advisory Council – June 2021

Elected UKRAC members will be expected to commit the following amount of time:

Time: 4-6 half day meetings a year + reviewing materials
Scope: .UK registry – see Terms of Reference
Legal: No legal duties
Election process: One member/one vote – Single Transferable Vote
Length of term: 2 years
Remuneration: Reasonable expenses only